Getting Started at Hardick Chiropractic Centre

Your Friendly, Dedicated Health Environment

From your very first visit, we’re proud to offer the care and resources required for you to express your very best in health. Whether it’s your first time at our clinic, or you’re a long time visitor, we’re here to define your exact needs and establish what we can do to help.

Before & After Your Care

Caring for yourself before, during, and after your adjustments

From rest, to exercise, and more – learn how to care for yourself in order to make your recovery and care process even more effective.

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Health Questionnaire

Considering the right information to most effectively help you feel your best.

Fill out our health questionnaire before your first visit to save time during your appointment and to help us fully prepare for your evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to provide you with in-depth information on our practice and our clinic.

If chiropractic care or Hardick Chiropractic is new to you, or if you simply need more information, see our FAQ’s to gain a clear understanding on how chiropractic can help you.

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What To Expect

Welcome To Our Office

Expect smiling faces and people of all ages when you walk in the front door. We’re proud to offer a comfortable, positive space for you to come to – for physical and spinal relief. We happily provide personalized attention amidst a popular environment.

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Meet Our Award-Winning Care Professionals

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Types Of Care

No matter your physical past or lifestyle, we work with you to develop a safe and effective treatment plan.

Whether you’ve experienced chronic, ongoing pain, a sudden, acute injury, or just want to prevent future issues – we’ll work to provide you with the best care for your lifestyle.

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