Benefits of Chiropractic Symptomatic Relief

Short-Term Injury Treatments

In this short-term program, we’ll evaluate your present injury complications, and provide the most effective treatment solution to ease your pain. By considering your past treatments and current needs, we’ll be able to speed up your recovery process from any sudden injuries or pain. Our symptomatic relief care is a powerful solution for pain relief needed “now.”

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Who’s A Candidate For Symptomatic Relief?

You are experiencing new soreness or sudden pain from a recurrent issue. You might also be looking to prevent similar future issues, but primarily need immediate pain relief.

Symptomatic Relief Pricing

Your Solution For Immediate Relief

Start on our Symptomatic Relief Program to ease sudden pain or injury on a short-term basis. Whether you’ve experienced a car accident, slip and fall, or other unexpected trauma, we will develop a short-term plan to get you back to feeling normal, strong, and healthy.

$58 - $62

Individual Visit Fee

At Each Visit

We will source and analyze the location of your pain. Next, we will work to provide short-term, targeted care that alleviates its specific negative health effects.

15% Off

Per 5 Visits

Short-Term Care

We will pinpoint and treat the source of your current pain or soreness with a short-term plan. Feel better today, tomorrow, and into the future with our holistic, chiropractic treatments.

20% Off

Per 10 Visits

Extended Care

For those who need a little more than short-term help, we will alleviate your acute pain symptoms and start you on the journey to forming health conscious habits.

Our customary professional fee is $58 – $62. Professional discounts noted above are available to all patients. Please connect with our team for further details.

Patient Intake Process

Customized Care For Your Needs

When you get started with us we make sure we have all the information needed to make an effective and informed treatment plan. This includes a series of efficient, initial visits that help us gain an in-depth understanding of everything you will need to ease your pain – whether on a short or long-term basis. Becoming a patient with us means starting a journey to ongoing health, happiness, and wellness.


We’re happy to provide a complimentary consultation to prospective patients. We’ll meet with you to establish what you can expect from a holistic, chiropractic treatment plan. You’ll be walked through the evaluation and potential treatment processes, expectations, and general timelines.


Using a comprehensive examination, including use of our safe and accurate x-ray technology (if necessary), we’ll evaluate the precise physical areas of your spinal problems – with no guesswork needed. This will allow us to provide specific recommendations to treating your problem.


We’ll communicate our assessment findings to you along with our proposed treatment plan, to ensure that you are safe and comfortable with the care you receive. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have so you can be fully at ease during the treatment process.


You’ll receive ongoing care as informed by your customized treatment plan. We’ll monitor progress on an ongoing basis with each adjustment, and keep you updated on progress or developments at each step along the way.

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Suffering From Ongoing Pain?

If you’ve experienced ongoing pain, rather than just symptomatic issues, our Corrective Care Program could be a great fit for you. Learn more about our analysis, care, and monitoring efforts for longterm relief.

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