Jim Girden

Fourteen years ago, I was diagnosed with nerve and disc damage in my lower back, causing chronic pain. I suffered with radiating pain down both legs. On occasion, my legs would give out, and the pain became so intense that I couldn’t walk. My condition actually stoppped me from practicing my trade as a union cement-mason. I had trouble walking, never mind jogging, playing sports, or working out in the gym. My pains were getting worse, and more frequent as time went on.

I had been through nerve conduction tests, bone scans, physiotherapy, and epidural treatments to “freeze” my irritated nerves. Nothing seemed to relieve my pain except massive doses of medication. Even then, the addictive narcotics that were prescribed for me provided nothing but short-term relief.

I knew several of Dr. Hardick’s long-term patients and visited his office with one of them. I had tried chiropractic once in the past, but only for one adjustment. Although I was a little skeptical, I knew I had to try something other than medication.

When I met Dr. Hardick, he explained to me the chiropractic approach, and philosophy, and gave me some literature to read as well. The X-rays he took of my spine showed a subluxation of L3 – exactly where I’d had problems diagnosed in the past. He recommended that I undergo adjustments every day for 2 weeks, then select a care plan that suited me best. Dr. Hardick suggested I make my decision after I attended the Doctor’s Report. It was there that I learned the full value of chiropractic.

Within my first month of chiropractic care, I was walking briskly and almost totally pain free. Now two months into my care, my leg very rarely causes problems for me. I’m working out at the YMCA, and I believe that with the help of Dr. Hardick and chiropractic care I will return to work eventually.

I would encourage everyone of all ages, shapes, and sizes to experience the freedom from medicaiton and chronic pain that chiropractic offers. I am a believer. – See more at: https://www.hardickchiropractic.com/index.php/testimonials/testimonials-2/chronic-nerve-and-disc-damage—i-couldn-t-walk—by-jim-girden.html#sthash.uGcrZNVL.dpuf